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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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General Update & Weird WEIRD dreams!
Well god its hot in here,.. for your info readers I'm wearing striped shorts, pants & trying to keep cool!

What lovely weather.. Following the short storm, I feel more like I'm in the steamy tropics!!
Dialysis, well I've had a nightmare about it, but the only good thing that's come of it so far is that the Indian nurse, Aruna, has learned to make a decent brew for us all..
Other than that I'm NOt enjoying it.. & had a small nightmare the other night regarding it.. Tho it's one of the more inprecise memories.

Other than that not a lot. Jake has been round on Sunday & helped with the weeds, tho it got too hot, & we quit it ..
Gonna try & make a habit of it..
He's a good mate & keen to help out.. I think him visiting me in hospital has brought us closer together as friends..
Oh mentioning that.. Some film got developed that had holiday pics, as well as me in hosp.. Will probably look at them more closely later, tho it's debatable whether to put them online.. As with a lot of other photos I have.


Number 1

Had a dream,, & this is a vague one.. that I was dialysing or going to dialysis & something went wrong with my needles
Then I dreamt I was gonna have to go to dialysis later in the day..

I then woke up in shock.. & found it was a not dialysis day..

Dream 2.
. I was on dialysis, not sure where, but it was smallish, maybe a combination between my current one, & the portakabin at Guys!!
For some reason I was driving the car,.. to pick myself up from dialysis!! I think.. VERY weird!!
Then I found somewhere to park.. that looked familiar near a church, in the city..
Then I drove back.. but I didn't actually pic myself up.. ! But driving back was so normal.. I knew the way & it was familiar
Very Odd

Dream 3.. & this scares me..
For some reason, we were being invaded..
I woke up & looked out & there were people in black clothing, carrying guns, rifles or machine guns..
& 3 shots came through the window,,
So I went out on the landing, & was on the floor,, I went across to the front room & there were also people with guns.. Distinctly in black clothing, 2 men & a woman.. As tho they were patrolling!
I got back, & tried to remember where my gun was... & couldn't cursed myself & then remembered.. Maybe I could crawl across the floor in my bedroom, & get it from the corner..

Then I woke up!!