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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Nifty Little Digi cadget!
Well I've been in the past called a geek, tho I do try to cut down on the gadgets.
Although I do have an iPod.. (essential,..)
& a couple of those mini fans..

Actually.. I've just thought of another use for them... ;) Mwhahaah..

Getting to the point.. I've just ordered one of these:
Didgital TV receiver!
& yep I'm lucky enough to have enough money in my account, to pay the bill!
Suitably small & geeky:D dont ya think..
Well just hope it works..
& the weather cools down..
Not all gadgets are of course, for girls,,.. Try entering "Girly Gadgets" into google & see what you find!!


I felt crap today.. I mean really, crawl in the corner & sleep to death crap.. Stir fried shit is my slogan, & I'll stick to it
Like energy was drained out of me..
Had my EPO injection at lunchtime & I feel a bit better,. think I may be anemic.. but all I've done today, is cybersurf, shop, eat, drink & sleep..
& its damned dialysis again tomorrow..