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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Dreams, update, Camden, Whipps Cross, Birthday (S)
Had a weird dream this morning in my waking state, between 2 cups of tea.
More on that later...:)

Can't believe how much seems to have happened, or not in the last 2 days.
Apparently mum rang Whipps Cross, my normal dialysis location. To make sure that I AM gonna be back there on Thursday
I have been told that I need to ring back on Monday, & that my last day in Camden MAY be on Tuesday!
Good news but not putting any hopes up.

One of the nurses, Carol, at Fresenius Camden (I hope someone sets it on fire when I've gone!) claims to have seen an NXstage machine, now whether she's mistaking it for a Gambro, AK90 I don't know. Her description sounds very clear tho, 'he wheeled it in what looked like a small suitcase'. Exactly as you would with an NXstage machine.
UNlikely to be a CAPD machine in a haemo unit.
If she HAS that means someone in the UK has one!!

IF Tuesday is my last day at Camden I will take in some stuff for her to confirm with me.

I am hoping it is..I am seriously considering home haemo & doing it in STYLE!
Trust me.. readers, I know these things!

Did a few minutes on the exercise bike this morning with music from iTunes radio, music from the 70s & 80's:)
12 mins but as I haven't been on there for ages. Didn't go further..


For some reason I was in a shopping centre.
Not sure which but initially it evolved into a hybrid of several shopping centers I've been in (a Mall, to US readers).
Not sure what I was shopping for, it didn't seem that busy.

taking a break near some of the seating was a rock band, I recognised them vaguely as the group I'd seen when I was on my way home in Luton airport!

For some reason I was hanging about,, went to get a snack or coffee or something, & one made his way over to the snack shop. We got chatting,. I think he may have had longish hair, dark.
I asked him how long he was hanging about, apparantly they were doing a bit of shopping before going to a hotel. so I asked them if they wanted to come & stay at mine for a bit, before they could book into the hotel.

Change to SOME sort of other scene in the dream.
People in the front room, including I think, some of the band..
I go down to the garden, sitting on the bench are some of the people I know, Steve, maybe some others & Michelle!

I'm so glad to see Michelle as we haven't spoken in ages, for over a year,..I go up & hug her, I really feel like I don't know what to say... I'm not sure if I didn't say something like...
I love you, your a great friend..
I may have glimpsed another person. Sara very vaguely..
It was all a bit blurred.

I'm gonna edit something in about timeing.. But my fucked up memory means I need to check something before I do... More of today in the next post!