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"Fools may become wise"

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My brother came over from Guilford at lunchtime, to spend a bit of time with us.
Managed to get reception fairly well for channels 1 - 4 on my new TV but using a didgibox he brought with him. NOT A SAUSAGE of reception.
Looks like a new arial or sky dish in need, IF I want to get more than 4 good channels!!

My decision has been made on heamo. HOME haemo.. Even if I have to do it at home & then consider moving..
IF the rumour is true & said NXStage machine HAS been seen in the UK. Then there's a chance of getting one.

Then next thing is to decide where to put it.
In the small room seems the obvious option, but a LOT of moving to do.
The back. extension room seems desirable. Factors for a dialysis machine of course include plumbing etc.

I've been downloading a lot of files, but if anyone wants to get a rough idea of what it looks like.. & what I keep going on about.
Go to..
& see the gallery.


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