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Snoozy Sunday
Very odd day so far..

Woke up 5:30 for some reason.. Got up had a drink, checked email,... went back to bed..

Woke up again at 6:30..

Various bad dreams.. When I woke originally I was having a dream about my brother being arrested for backing into something.. A car or bus or something..

Finally REALLY fell asleep again and then didn't wake up properly till 10:30 - 11ish..

Have just now ( 12:31 pm) got up, had a boiled egg for brekky with buttered wholemeal toast. Perfect 3 minute egg :D Yay..

Sunny outside a nice breeze.. Just 'might' go fly a kite if this persists.. not sure how much energy I've got though .

Local cricket club's having a 'working party' to block of the access from by the school.. Looks VERY much like they are making a nice 'easy light' bonfire for the schoolkids of Leyandii prunings.. However maybe I am being cynical.. We'll see. What is really needed is some heavy fencing and perhaps barbed wire.. but thats just my 2p;)



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