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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Update Update..
so what s a been happening,
well not a lot..
Tho I have got hold of my doc & told him I want to go through with home haemo, it seems for the present, the only way to go. At least for a while.
Better not update in great detail,, I've yet to find out how long the process takes, plumbing, flooring, electrical etc..
Looks like the 'home dialysis team', consists of my Doc. H.. & sister M..
Gonna ask a few people, but it looks like I will soon .. I hope.. join the home haemo crowd.
Actually had bloods taken today!! Miracle.
My fistula, for some reason seems to have bruised slightly.. Not good.
Tho I managed to find some Lasonil to put on it.

tho not sure what the results would be like considering I didn't get to sleep last night after going to a LMUG (LOndon Mac Users Group) Tho I supposed that really ought to be LAG now :D
anyway got lost on the way to the pub.. the location wasn't as close as we thought. A beer, a few presentations & lots of questions. & then I was off home.

Off to a nursery trade show tomorrow near to my brothers..
must sleep now..