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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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These long days of summer! Anniversary
How long will this weather last? Who knows... At a guess, a month or so, maybe less.

Hottest day so far!! 33!! phew! Being on a half litre fluid restriction is not so bad as I can drink a little more!!

It is mum & dad's (42nd )wedding anniversary, which I'd forgot, but I had incidentally, ordered a cooler, which means the living room is now nice & cool!!

Made a good present! Not THAT cheap, & maybe I'm crazy but there you go.
If the weather stays this way each year, and we don't move (possible but unlikely) Then it will pay itself back in usefulness over a few years!
It's not airconditioning as such, but it cools the living room nicely (even the CAT approves of it!)

Another day down, of dialyse, eat, watch TV, read a book, & go back to bed!!

What a life!

I have a meeting tomorrow, which is SORT of charity work related. Should be interesting, as it will involve sitting in a cafe! IF there is space!