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Burglery - Achievements & Ramblings!
Ya know, when you do a little something, and it acutely goes to plan!

I really haven't done a lot in the past week, but I have got a cooler for the house, before they sold out! (a good thing), Mum & dad have now agreed to pay for part of the cost, as they're not cheap,& it's coming up on my card statement.

Who knows I'll be getting a wind vane & solar panels installed next..
Now.. where did I put that divining rod..
Isn't there a stream down here somewhere..!!

I also managed to get out & clear the debris around the front porch, & clip outside the wall a bit.
The wall is supposed to being rebuilt, if Simon, the wall man turns up.

I feel quite good about myself!

The boiler is still playing up. A valiant technican (thats the NAME OF THE PRODUCT!) is coming to fix the boiler or thermostat on Mon, or is it Wed!!
Either way it;s insane having a radiator that gets red hot when its 29 outside at night!!

I'm still doing the iced water thing, leaving a bottle in the freezer over night, then using it during the day & keeping it in the fridge!
Obviously this is not good for fizzy water or cans!

I also feel a bit mischievous!
I got a bowl full of blackberries that were hanging over the fence from the neighbor!
Well they were gonna drop anyway..
Tasty tho I can't eat many.. There are TONS on the plot! Gonna go a blackberry picking!

The neighbors had a burglary, on must have been Tues or Wed night.

Didn't take much but a handbag which had a bit of cash in it, & some specs!
Half the stuff was later found on the field, seems it was a back entrance!
A lot of people have their windows open but we have mesh over the ventilation window which is at the low level! The neighbors, apparently do not!


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