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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Hospital Appointment - Cardiac
Bleagh, I've realised I've got a hospital appointment at the cardiac department tomorrow at 3 PM. Will be taking my iPod & a book, and any of my subscription mags that I get.

Took several hours waiting last time. All for a wait under the care of a Dr Dymond!
psst! usualy don't see him but one of his gremlins, sat in fluorescent lit cell!

If they try to put my on heart drugs I will give them a kicking!

Fairly achieving day, spent a few hours at the allotment this morning picking blackberries to make jam!

Was wondering if it's worth making a little low sugar jam, as I know some people who might like it.

Will need to dig out a recipe!:)

I've done some vacuuming, was well due.. Why do I have this self image of a house husband!!! Eeeeek!

Also watched a bit of Friends, smallville &.. err whats that thing with the teenage which & the cool black cat that talks!!

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Oooh, now someones been watching one of my fave shows ... Sabrina :P

LOL yeah, I have seen it before! I love that cat! :D

happened to watch it as I was taking some rest after all the blackberry picking :) Almost snoozed off.. I like my new TV!!:)
It is rather groovy, a rather modern teenage version of bewitched.. did you watch that??:D

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