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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Another productive ! day!
What a day, snoozy I am, at least no dialysis tomorrow, maybe in months to come I'll be typing these entries whilst snoozing & dialysing at home!

IF that goes through I'm gonna make sure I've got the full facilities, probably a Mac Mini & monitor, that will cover DVD's from the library, CD's internet radio & chat!:) & a lot more!!

Supper, chicken allotment beans, mum has got another bowl of blackberry jam.
Also some small PLUMS!!

Forgot to mention we picked up some lovely local honey from the allotment shed.
The bees are on someone esles plot a few hundred yards away.
3 jars!!

You can't get much more local then that!!

Supermarkets, eat my shorts!!

We usually get enough jam for a year,.. it's just the strawberry we need to work on next year, auto watering I think. at least until next years hosepipe ban comes on.!

The cats are still relaxing a lot, the heat they don't really like, but it was great to see their approval of the cooler. Strewn in front of it as soon as it was turned on, tho they seemed to take it in turns.

I'm not a great supporter of air-conditioning, because of the possible cost. But in these extreme conditions it seemed to justify things.
I hope it will pay itself off in usage over the next few years!

When I do things, I feel good about myself, especially when I do physical things, where I can actually see the results.
It also improves how my body feels, is that telling me something??

I have to say seeing a bowl of handpicked berries, does beat creating a new website by a large percentage!

I'm looking forward to the cooler weather so that I can get outside & tidy stuff up before the winter..
I really want to at least TRY to make an effort on this, alongside all the other stuff!

And I still haven't started a pension or written a will!