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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Cardiac Scan - ALL CLEAR!!
Went for a cardiac (heart) appointment this afternoon, booked in at the clinic, asked if the wanted an echocardiogram (soundscan of the heart).
If we hadn't double checked I would have been there twice as long. So got a piece of paper for a scan...

Duly went along to the echo department, waited a while, no aircon in that waiting room, got called in, had echo's numerous times but basically it involves taking your top of, lying on your left side,on a couch with paper cover, with gel & sensors on your body, while someone scans using the scanning tool.
I have to say it's not always painful, but I tried not to think too much about what my right arm was up against as the girl who was doing the work leant over/against me to do some of the scanning!!!!

I know, I'm a bit of a saucy beast!

Anyway, my heart seems to have improved to normal!! got dressed, waited for the results & took them off to the clinic, waited a little more & covered a few things. There is no reason, heart wise, that I shouldn't have a 4th kidney transplant!! That was what I was expecting, but it's NICE to know that it's all clear with the heart.

Came home & celebrated with a bit of chocolate cake (also got some ginger cake for later!!) Luscious!

It's a lot different from this time last year!

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I'm so glad that your scan turned out all clear!!! Congrats! :)

Thanks for the congrats, this time last year my heart was under immense stress, ironically this time last year, my heart was struggling, I was having the time of my life, enjoying a relationship for the first time in my life!
Hope the bead business flourishes

So when you were having the time of your life, your heart was having problems?? How strange is that? It should be just the opposite, I'd think.

And thank you!! :)

When your having an experience like that, the heart of love & passion takes over from reality.


human kind is a strange, strange thing.

I'm really pleased about your heart hun ... it's brilliant news :)

Certainly is..
I guess it's gonna have to be decison time at some point, but I aint rushing, theres too much to enjoy!!

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