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"Fools may become wise"

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This time last year,
I'm not sure what mood should say in this entry..

This time I last year, yes July 31st O% I was in bliss, ignorant of what was shortly to follow,

It seems strange, that this time last year, I was having the time of my life! Enjoying life as life as life is supposed to be, forgetting anything medical, I was in a state, but I was in bliss, heaven soon to be hell. Life can be so cruel, IS cruel

A hell that nearly killed me, spread to my family like stale fishpaste, fear of the unknown, the final countdown.

Its ironic that a cardiac appointment should fall on this day, of all days, God, if you exist, you've got a good sense of sarcasm!

Tomorrow is going to be,... strange, stranger than kindness I guess. The staff at the private unit don't really know, there's one guy, who was in acute & pissed me off by smoking on the balcony!! Who happens to be.
As the song says, all good things come to an end.

I try to keep busy, to prevent things from haunting me, I guess it's still denial of some sort.

A prescription of hugs to the planet!

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Well, it's a year on Wednesday to the date that you headed to London and a year on Thursday when your dad called me (not exactly something I'm gonna forget).


Beast of a thing is that it's only through reading through my blog that I have a vauge feeling that the weekend was fantastic. hate it!
I DO with reading, feel the anger of having to come back..

LIFE, your such an ******** sometimes!!

Big hugs...

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