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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Another update,
It;s strange, looking back, at some of my records on food, around the time of the meningitis, which was thought to be food poisoning, I did eat out a bit, here & there..

This week is going to be strange, a year of the first few days things spiraled, down, friends told, fayet_16 updating a hundred people , things that I was unaware of,, things that happened, things that didn't.

We celebrated the good heart a little more today, for me with chiken kebab with extra rice, & half a lager, no dessert, just fruit. The food at Arocaria, which is one of our regular eats, is astounding.

it has around 40 seats upstairs, so it may be a suitable location for a party, tho there are others.

Despite the celebrations, I felt a little odd, 1 year, where to go from here, others have ideas, family, friends, colleagues, do I really KNOW what I want to do...

Too many thoughts at this late hour...
I have to get up at 6 am.

It takes me around 5 minutes to get things together to go for dialysis.
I'm not yet driving, but soon will be, hell if my nephew is getting a mini, I might as well.

We have welcome rain here, I can hear the sprinkling on the trees & ground.

This should bring forward crops, late summer comes upon us.

More blackberry jam anyone??

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Hiya. Liked the photos.
Lots of hugs for you & the family
love Ingy

Thanks Ingy, much appreciated & needed, hugs to you & your family also, lots of em:)

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