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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Events & today! Stuff to a do!
Well with the heart scan gone, I've realised I've got a dental hygienist appointment tomorrow!

Just in time for a online meet a few people from the Kidney Patient Guide
bulletin board,


once thats done, another meeting, a then a visit from Faye fayet_16

Then Four Oaks Trade show, the conference then Mac Expo! & I'll probably end up doing more!!
Still at least it keeps me busy, just hope the weather doesn't get too cold to soon!

Probably some kiting thrown in,somewhere but if this weather stays need to keep things small!

Of course I'm hoping to get home dialysis & a laptop grant in amongst this lot, the 2 seem unlikely at the moment :(

All this would make it sound like I have a crazy social life! Not sure I'd have the energy for that, but I do try!!

Had a small potato "Charlotte" at suppertime, out of the ground less than a day ago, beautiful with butter & cheese.

So SO flavoursome!! Doesn't it just make your mouth water, M&S eat my shorts!