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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Sooo tired.. Sleep now..
Hmmm what did I write last night.. Let me see

OK, I kinda left off the latter part of the evening..

I stayed up & watched There's something about Mary.. sat in bed.. and then went to sleep.

A lot of people seemed to be watching 'William & Mary' (A UK TV series).. Now its a good comedy drama, but it had a scene in it with a funeral, and ever since my close friend & colleague died last year I get REALLY uncomfy watching stuff like that.. The feelings are just too raw still & I had to get up & leave the room.

Usually I'm OK about stuff but I think the fact this featured a wicker coffin, the same as my friend (its tradition in the Somerset levels, as part of the local heritage, and not as many other places an 'eco' statement or alternative).

Anyway.. part of that left me in a very melancholy mood for the evening. That with being tired, I just felt alone and wanting to be held.. NOT something I've felt quite like in a long time.