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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A visit from Paul
Paul C came over today from Cambridge, which was nice.
I've known Paul for a long time, since the age of around 12 if not younger!
We're the same age, have both had 3 kidney transplants, are both on haemodialysis, and both have reduced growth due to long term drugs,.. Although in Paul's case it is quite extreme!

I don't think Paul has seen me since BEFORE I went into hospital, which may be good thing, as I was in a pretty shite state, & quite shocking to all!

We took a couple of walks round playing fields & allotments, then a stop for lunch, than after a while another stroll round the local park, stopping by at the cafe for a drink.

All of the time we were reminiscing about our times at Guy's Hospital, now Guys & Tom's after the 2 hospitals merged into a 'hospital trust'.
Made a nice change to see an old friend after the usual routine of a Wednesday!

Its around an hour from here to Cambridge so it will probably not be long till I'm driving up!

Mum decided to treat us all to a meal at Arocaria, a Greek resaurant which is becoming a family favourite, AND I should think that of our guests!
My chicken kebab was excellent, tho I always order extra rice, Paul said his Lamb kebab was also good, Dad had the Mousaka, always nice!
We didn't have room for cheesecake, so too some home, sharing a little with tea!

A great & succulent day with a bit of a difference!

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Just Dropping By To Say "Hi"

I'm short too. Stupid prednisone.

Glad you had a good day.

Re: Just Dropping By To Say "Hi"

Hi! Thanks for dropping by, I do appreciate your comments! A lot!,

I think if I didn't have tall genes in my family I would be even shorter, was offered growth hormones when younger, but if you read the effects they have on speed bred pigs! No thanks! I'd rather be a little short & tasty, then watered down & tall. Hehe..

But I think being very short can be as much as a bummer as being very tall!, all those doorways!! OUCH!
Damned prednisolone (as we call it here:))

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