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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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We think Dad might have a UTI (urine infection), so he's going to go to the docs, or one of the walk in centres tomorrow. I can remember how uncomfortable that is. He's been taking Cranberry Juice, & Apple Cider Vinegar (not together) to flush out & act as diuretics until he can see a doctor later.

Went to the LMUG summer BBQ today, was raining, on & off but the marquee came into good use.
Surprisingly for me I wasn't bothered that I left my camera behind (also left my lunch tablets!!), but Chas, the photographer clown, was snapping away as usual.
THen we found out my bro had come over to ours! Despite the fact that we;d agreed it was next weekend!!
There's some debate as to wether Family Membership can include my nephew! Usually I guess it's parents & kids. I think Chas is gonna argue the case for me. If needs be I'l insist its reduced rate. my family are pensioners, I;m on benefit & my nephews a student!
concessionary group rate would be fine!
Thats it
Tomoorrow beckons!