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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Camden Haemodialysis Update/Report
I'm sure some of you have been following my time spent at the Fresenius private heamodialysis unit in Camden. This is for my reference also, but I thought I might as well post it public
So far.
Started dialysing at Fresenius Camden, against my choice, due to crisis situation in dialysis facilities in the NHS.
First view of unit, before actually being transferred. Dull, gloomy & deppressing.
This has turned out to be correct.
We were told this was temporary, for 4 weeks max. This is now 2 months.
The unit itself, for us around 5 of us sharing 2 blood pressure cuffs, & 1 pair of scales (note the scales are used for isolation patients as well).
During my time. The scales have broken down twice.
The blood pressure cuffs are frequently unable to take readings.
I've had back pain due the the haemodialysis chairs.
There are no doctors on site.
Patients temperature is not monitored, no thermometers, or not being used. perhaps 1 once in 8 weeks.
On one occasion the unit was being run by one nurse with 3 patients, until further staff turned up.
THe unit secretary, although keen. Has not been trained to work in a haemodialysis unit.
We were told that sandwiches were available to patients, after 7 weeks a slight effort was made to provide sandwiches.
More than 3 out of 5 patients were unhappy with the sandwiches then provided.
Once stated that the sandwich gave him stomach ache.
Several opinion that the sandwiches are of poor quality.
Travel claim has been promised, again nothing. the cost is now over 50 miles.
Staff, & stock badly organised, ran out of paper tape, correct needle size not available.
Correct pump speed not given, not due to patient error, but staff.
Heparin pump not enabled on more than 1 occasion.
Environment fluorescent lighting & lights often turned off, (for economy) lighting affects eyes.
Lack of daylight means mistakes by staff due to deficiency, likely to increase over winter (SAD)
Error by senior staff/manager to clamp needle during take off, ending in blood leak.
Had to state that tea should be served hot, not luke warm (on day 1)
Patient with infection should have been in isolation, AND stated it himself, this did not happen.
VERY poor communication between the trust & Fresenius regards patients, no basic medical history given
Initially IV iron had to be requested before being given.
Problems with one patients prescription, usually obtained at unit.
Summary, not a healthy place to receive dialysis treatment.
Staff are under excess pressure.

positive aspects.
Staff now know how to make tea correctly,
patients do talk to each other.

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You should mail that list to an individual who can do something about it! Good reasons to hate that place. Hopefully you will be on home dialysis soon! Take Care.

That is what I intend to do!:D
or at least try!

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