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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Learning to drive, again!
Drove round a car park a few times today.
Strange, it seems so familiar, yet so strange! When I've been in the car so far I've felt as tho I was driving at some level!
I really want to make it a habit of just doing a bit more often. MAYBE take a few refresher lessons! I dunno! I think that once I get the feel of it I will be back to normal.
I don't remember it taking me that long to learn to drive a few years back.

Other than that , a pretty dull day, nothing going on.
Gonna TRY & make something to take to dialysis tomorrow. bacon & egg maybe a bit of ketchup. At least I will KNOW where the ingredients came from, although we think we know the suppliers of the cafe next to the unit! The same suppliers as for the infamous star cafe in Whitechapel.