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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Sandwiches & dad, Jane Hall
Well not a little to post other than supper was a succulent pork stew with red rice!
I've made 2 rolls to take to dialysis tomorrow, one with ham & egg, cooked, the other with ham/cheese/cucumber.. LOL that'll wind the others up, seeing as so far I've been getting bacon & egg rolls from the cafe.
Oh & thrown in some biscuits, an apple & a small amount of mint chocolate!
Dad still isn't too well, he's been resting, in between helping me out. His antibiotics have 3 more days to run & he has to call to find out the results.
Now I just have to crawl out of bed tomorrow.
watched a bit of Jane Hall, I've probably missed half the series, but I find the lead character, Jane rather attractive:D
If you haven't missed it its a dram/romance with a bit of comedy violence thrown in.
Jane Hall