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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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British Transplant Games - Organ Donation
This week up until Sunday I think, its the British Transplant Games,

& organised by the Transplant Sports Association of Great Britain or TSAGB
couldn't they have come up with a better acronym??
I didn't attend this year, & have only EVER competed as a child, & lost. Possibly due to being crap at sports due to medications & illness & miserable about loosing is one reason that I am not a sporty person, despite being told it's OK, its just a game/race/whatever!

So I"ve taken the liberty of adding some more photos to my flikr site of CyberCast:
For some reason I was grabbed to dance by Hanna, the daughter of one of the competitors during the celebratory disco!

If you like these photos. let me know, either here or on the Flikr site, AND
encourage people to sign the organ donor register.
Register HERE:

If you or your relatives carry a card, it's worth them registering anyway, it makes the process a lot easier.