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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Less about the past!
Well less about the past as, August last year is blank on the calendar, more or less.
Well the surprise of me bringing in my own sandwiches was worth seeing the faces of the other patients.. I can be a rotton swine sometimes:D They were expecting stuff from the cafe next door! I think if they want that, they can send over Sabrina, the secretary when she gets in at 10 o clock.
STILL the unit managed to mess up the sanwich order with only Tuna & Salad, salad is actually coleslaw & some people had grit in their lettuce!
HOPEFULLY, the new supplier, recommended by moi! should be better. I hope it is or I'll loose my head !LOL
Afternoon, well a usual afternoon, Diagnosis Murder, followed by a kip on the sofa!
Fish & Chips for supper.. Haven't had that in a while!
Had a spring roll as well. For some reason it was a lot bigger than usual, but very tasty.
Not a lot of chips for me due to the high potassium content!