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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Gary Annual Barbeque
You may find the title to this post a stranger to you & rightly so.
Gary is one of the best allotment (plot) holders on our allotment site, & every year, by popular demand now he hosts on his plot an annual barbeque, collecting proceeds of a minimum £1 the donations of which go to The Harington Scheme

Although I didn't go last year, this year must have had a turnout of nearly 40 people, quite something! Plenty of food was brought, everything from cakes to sweetcorn, to bananas for the barbecue! As well as plenty of fresh allotment grown produce for sale, & plenty of wine & beer! Unfortunately I wasn't feeling that energetic, but as the party was from 2 - 10 pm, coming home before 9 wasn't a big deal.
I will try & get some photos posted, as this entry really doesn't sound at all exciting!.
It's the only allotment I know of that has a sink, for veg washing & washing up, the site overall also has a 2 beehives & a self composting toilet! ALl in all a good small community! As well as a small generator for the lights! Fantastic!
Bit smokey from BBQ smoke so I need a shower before bed!

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