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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Shopping & Parents
Seemed like today was a shopping day! MORE shopping needed to Tesco we seem to have lapsed on stock control! Mum, often days seems to leave any local shopping we need, fresh bread, organic veg, meat etc Till it's close to closing time, when she has all day to do it!

Dad had a bit of a row with her when she said what are we going to eat tonight, given that'd he'd been past the shops 3 times today! AND to the supermarket. She doesn't seem to think of anything but 'her work' during the day, which sometimes in no more then spending time on the computer.
I do try to help in the house but I can only do so much. So dad's going to cook a Pizza later & mum's putting her feet up.

More shopping I've also mail ordered a new remote for my video player.. Oh yes.. VHS how antique.. and now how cheap! :D by comparison. A new blood pressure cuff, cos we seem to have lost the old one we were looking for!

Me & dad went to the Clockhouse Nursery to see if they had any winter onion sets yet.
In a few weeks it seems!
Considered doing a bit in the garden, but by the time I'd got to watching the end of the Simpsons, it had started to rain! Still at least the forcast is nice for the weekend!

Damned dialysis tomorrow & it's now 12 weeks since I've been to Whipps Cross 12 weeks!!

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Nothing changes much then :-/

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