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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Rock & a hard place - Transplant NO TABLETS & the future
I wanted to title that post so, because that's what it about,.. (no really it is, honestly)

A look at:

This something I was lined up to, more or less consider when I had my last transplant.

If I have another Kidney Transplant it will be my fourth. It's usually a fairly major operation although routine.

However, I opted when an organ was offered I accepted it, & sadly it didn't do well.

My second link is to this page:


Essentially, the body is tricked into accepting the organ, it's a risky & Scary process, involving radiation, AND chemotherapy. But, the reward is that no drugs are needed later on. Or should not be.

It also means that almost ANYONE at all, can be a donor.

If you scroll down & also listen to the broadcasts.