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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Another day
Not done a lot today, eat, watch TV, do a bit of vacuuming & bagging some clothes, either for charity or car boot sale.. We'll see what happens. A LOT more to sort through if we want to do a serious sale.
Have sent a few letters out that I've been meaning to for a while so thats another little thing done!
Mum & dad have both had haircuts, I'll leave it for a bit, I like to have longer hair in winter. Tho not too scruffy.
On the way back from the hairdressers mum got fish & chips.. I think she follows her stomach rather than her brain. Had a small amount of fish & chips, bread & butter, & a spring roll! Been for another evening walk.. Trying to get into the habit of it.. Saw the fox for a second night running.. Very skinny I think it's harder for them to forage since the introduction of lidded wheely bins tho they still seem to survive.. Some people see them as pests & I guess if the numbers are too high. They can be quite decent looking animals when they are mature.
Off to TRY & watch Austin powers on E4. we;ve got my brothers didgibox on loan. But he's getting a deal from NTL! all inclusive (phone,TV & broadband )so whether he will want it back or not I don't know