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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Nothing to say really
Usual dialysis AM, bacon & egg from the cafe, as I didn't feel up to making sandwiches. The unit sandwiches are still a joke. SOHO sandwiches. Yep the crap you get on the train. Is still taking Fresenius for a ride. I actually tried a sandwich today. Yuck. Was supposed to be 2 cheeses, cheddar & red leicester, + salad .
2 bits of bread. a little grated cheese "on the edges" of the fucking sandwich! & some lettuce! & god knows how many additives. I'm really gonna have to work on some of the sandwich suggestions I've been given:)!!

Nearly lost a bit more blood stupid nurse unclamped the wrong line! THe is NOT the first time this has happened.

The new front wall has now been replanted, with bulbs & hardy plants as before, plus I have added a little miniature ivy & will add some more succulents, that may or may not survive over the winter season.

Dad knocked up a curry from yesterdays roast, plus veg. Very tasty.. I felt really strange this afternoon. Was lying down reading sleeping & when I got up my muscles all felt weak! What that was about I don't know, but I suspect dehydration!

Surprisingly for me I had a coke with the curry!

A bit of Green & Blacks ice cream for dessert! :) Hmmmmm tasty