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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Friends & Four Oaks
Phone Calls

Gave Ingy & Paul call on Sunday.. actually forgot to put that in previously. Couldn't get hold of Ing, probably out again. Had a chat with Paul & its likely he will come down & see me again in a few weeks. He was telling me he's taken up Modern Jive classes, which was quite inspiring. I might see if there's something similar close to that here, cos I'd quite like to dance a little better than I do now! :) And as he said it's good exercise, takes your mind off things and most of the other dancers are women! :)

Got the Four Oaks Show on Wed, bit of a drive what with dialysis on Tue.
Dad will be driving us up to my brothers tomorrow night, then going to the show & & coming back afterwards.
I've had a text from Gemma asking if she can stop by on Friday, & another email from Jas asking if she can come on Sunday! :) Both are good friends so it will be great to see them.
Still no reply from Liz but she's got a lot to cope with..
I think I've got a slight cold, I've been sneezing & blowing my nose a lot today! I hope it gets less rather than more!

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sorry! Gareth & I went to the Cotswold Wildlife Park Sunday - I plan to blog about it once I get the photos from G (he's got a better camera than I have!)

:D well, just to let you know I was thinking of ya :)

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