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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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I don't beleive it
Did a little trip to staples to pic up some stationary. Rather a lot but I hope to start getting some prints printed at home rather than getting them done online. Was hoping to go to a plant nursery on the way back but it was closed. It is a charitable centre so maybe if it was quite they shut up at 4.

Today at dialysis I just don't believe it! They didn't have any paper tape.. this is the second time running. Just insane. They DO seem to have a real problem with stock delivery. The normal staff weren't there so the tea wasn't great today. Homemade bacon & egg roll :) Tasty:)

Talking to the other patients I found out that on one occasion. Probably while I was away, they didn't have any bags of saline! INSANE!! How can you run a dialysis unit without saline!! Apparently they had to wait till around 9am for the delivery..
I have an appointment next Wednesday morning with the counsellor. Should be interesting.

All in all I've been feeling dead bored. My blood figures are good, in fact seem to be unbelievable.. Just hope it isn't an error!