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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Visit from Gemma
Gemma, a school friend stopped by today. She hasn't been up to date on what happened to me last year so I think it will be a bit of a shock when she reads about it.
It turns out she knows Jen, as they both went to to same University.
& I know Jen from the YPG
Stranger still Gemma looks very much like Andy, another friend of mine. Well fave wise anyway.
Pure coincidence I know, but spooky! It was just a passing visit, but it was great to catch up after so long...
Did a few minutes on the exercise bike. & think I will have to go for another or a walk.
Fish in sauce for supper, lovely :)

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Hi Jim
Yeah, its a really spooky coincidence that you know Gemma and went to school with her!

Gemma actually works in a totally different part of the university doing postgraduate related training -- I probably would never have come across her until she helped me get some cash for a conference I organised.

It really is a totally small world eh!
How on earth did you come to conclusion that you both knew me??
I LOVE hearing about these type of conversations


We were talking about Sheffield & said I know someone who lives there & I knew you'd been to Uni, mentioned your name & she recognised it. A good guess & a bit of nous!:) click!

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