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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Weekend, wall & Jas
Saturday was just a waste. dialysis AM & in the afternoon I just felt to trashed to do anything but snooze & get cramp in my foot. I think I was a bit dehydrated.
Todays been a little more productive, added a few more soil & plants to the front wall, pictures of those to follow, both before & after. Hopefully the crocuses will come up just the same as usual, & I've added a few more succulent cuttings, & mini ivy. There's just one more plant I want to add & thats some of the stuff I planted in the gutter outside my bedroom..
Jas came round around lunchtime & we went to Pizza Bella
My pizza was good & Jas had an omelette with veg. Both were very nice, & very large, we really weren't hungry enough for dessert. The cafe's loss, not ours!
Took a walk back through the local park, you don't want to rush things after a meal. A seet in the shade beckoned. so we sat away from the heat, then carried on back.
As you can see from the link the reviews are mixed, but it did recently merge with another restaurant called Barbella. Before it got re managed, moved. We did take our Italian friends to it once & one the them walked out. So unless your a true Italian, can you tell! For real Italian care La Porchetta, in Muswell Hill in better.