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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Counselling Thunder & lightening!
Not much to report. Had an hours counseling with Rebecca the renal counsellor this morning. Fell asleep in the traffic on the way home. Had a oretty sleepless night on Tuesday,. I think it must have been the kip I had in the afternoon.
Kinda went well. I have a lot to deal with, & sorta got of my chest probably the only small goal I've got at the moment which is to get a letter of comment/complaint sent off to various parties. I think once I've got that going I may feel better in myself. Although I'm sure there will be a lot of bullshit in reply.

Whe've had some ''great' weather here. Severe storms at night. As I write it's flashing with thunder. We've had torrents of heavy rain as well. Mostly at night. Great for the plants. Didn't get half the gardening I wanted to do today, just seemed too lethargic.
I've had BOTH cats sit on my lap today! Fuck there goes the lightening again. Better now spend too much on here..

Also managed to fix the printer. Because it's a feed 'tray' at the bottom. We just lifted it up & removed the paper. Sensible HP design tho I'm a bit pissed off with the company I used to 'repair' the paper jam, when I was able to fix it in 10 minutes.. They charged me £90..

THats all folks.. Then the lightening strikes I will rule the world! Mwhahaahha