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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Another dialysis day
Another day wasted, more or less, dialysis went OK except for my pressures playing up towards the end.
Basic haemo day. Get up 6/7am. Get onto dialysis, which takes a while. Eat something. Watch TV. Wait for the tea to come by, eat a few biscuits. Maybe listen to some music on my iPod if I can be bothered to reach down & get it from my bag. Sometimes read abit but sometimes they just turn the lights off. Maybe they assume we'll all just go to sleep!!

The longer I'm there, the longer I want a laptop & home haemo. At least then I can watch some DVD's chat to people. Etc.
One of the things I said to the counsellor, is that I need a goal, which at the moment I don't have, apart from my day dreams of a house a spouse, or not etc!! Or even feeling well enough to work.

Dad cooked very nice spag boll for supper, tasty..

Thats all really TV Yadayada!