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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Party Invites, doctors appointments, penpal by post!
Well, not a lot today. For some reason I was not hungry at ALL this morning, skipped breakfast & had brunch after coming back, from shopping at Tesco. Some leftover pasta, & a sandwich.
Hung out the washing., really meant to start with the vacuum cleaner but that will have to wait!

Got an invite from Bryan, an ex neighbour actor friend of ours. He;s having a Flat warming party/birthday celebration at his flat (or one of his flats !!) It's viewing the new flat, then off to a Persian restaurant. This is all in Shepherds Bush. He's invited me & my parents, but I'm asking Jas to come with me, if she wants to, as she knows Bryan. They've both worked at the Globe
So thats something to look forward to. We like a good party & meal!

Booked an appointment with my Doc, & about bloody time! 26th.at 2 Oh what fun! It is immediatly post dx but at least he's gonna see me.
Another appointment with the counsellor booked, which I have to confirm, & then it's not long to conferences & PARTY TIME up north!

Party YAY!!
Got a letter from a Penpal, which I wasnt' expecting. A rather pleasant surprise as I've not had correspondense for nearly a year.

Had Pizza, fish fingers, & bread & butter for supper, & re aheated spagg boll for lunch!
Strange family!!

I seem to have a few invites from people, one near the seaside & another in Cambridge
Which I'd quite like to make use of at some point. Whether I will is another matter.

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Definately reply to that letter ;)

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