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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Last night was weird.. Up till 2ish.. I don't think that Diet Pepsi at supper was a good idea..

Slept well enough once I got going..

This morning.. pootled about online doing this & that..


Made enquiries for some kite stuff from Kiteworks

Also For IR filters for my Nikon 4500 from a UK supplier.. From research my cam SHOULD be able to take relatively good IR type photos.

Need to make an enquiry about Kites from this German guy.. Will be easier if I can buy direct & not bid on Ebay.. I will prob bid on the first kite then ask about the second..

Sorted out room a bit, slowly getting on top of paperwork

Ordered some flags.. they are perfect size for making into 2CV shades for London to Brighton..

Also resubbed my BBC membership

Its getting nearer my BD.. I'm supposed to be having a BBQ & probably will but anemia has been holding back preparations..

I have so much to do for it but I think without help it will be not as I desire it. Oh well some things one cannot have I guess

Friendswise... Its been an icky week.. At least 3 people I know are having a pretty shit time of it.

Foodwise.. Had a good day:D

Lunch I already covered.. Or did I.. If I didn't it was fried halloumi & salad in a ciabatta.

SUpper was Spanish omelette & bread. Tasty :D

So here I am typing away..