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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Not a lot, Food & Comedy
Not a lot, up late again & now tired.
I'm confused about t few things, not suited to post here, not publicly anyway.
Pumpkin soup for lunch, tasty tho needed a little pipe Sometimes a bit of paprika does the trick
Had pitta with chicken, cheese & salad for eats.. Tasty w mayo & pepper &

Watched a bit of Spooks, it's pretty cheesy but watchable I guess.
Went for a walk, just round the block & shops.. Peaceful
Watched Peter Sellers biography film. As he's a relatively local person it's rather moving. Also had some on Spike Milligan a great character.

Neeed to edit my LJ layout but don't really know how.. Guess I will have to play around with it!

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Which I have, not perfect but it's s atart!

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