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"Fools may become wise"

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Doesn't seem like I've done a lot today, but seemed to be busy, sent out quite a lot of emails, replied to posts, sowed seeds near the new wall, lazy sowing, just sprinkling wallflowers & Convolvulus (morning glory) NOT bindweed. We have them on the back trellis at the moment, they have a deep, hypnotic purple. Shall try & post a pic before they disappear! Scribbled a few things in preparation for my ready steady cook, application. That should be fun! I have to choose a favourite chef & I don't even really know em that well LOL.. Gonna have to polish up a bit, spag boll for supper,, it is really one of my fav dishes I suppose:)
Slighly hectic with my Neoral® (cyclosporin) prescription, luckily I have a couple of good local pharmacy's who rang round to get some from one of their branches! So now I have enough till the end of the week when they'll get some in stock! Whew!
Who knows what would have happened if I'd gone a week without!

Further planning for the conference stand coming up next month. Bit nervous but I always am.:)


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