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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Bryans Party
Well, yesterday nights party was fine, didn't do a lot during the day, just sorted out a few flyers for the upcoming conference, they just need spray laminating once or twice on a dry day!
I'm still amazed at the results my printer can turn out!

A bit after 5ish we set off to Shepherds Bush, the aim being to view the new flat first
Then go on the the restaurant. However, London transport being what it is we got delayed & rather took the scenic route. By chance the route to the restaurant from the Cafe so I was just using the mobile when I saw Bryan & friends coming towards us. Perfect timing! :D
The Restaurant, well it's sort of a cafe restaurant is called Koops Don't ask me what it stands for, I don't know. Persian food, or at least the lot we got, seemed to be a lot of rice, some very tasty lamb, some kebabs. A Persian opium pipe was in the corner, somehow I don't think it had opium in it, tho I didn't try! Maybe wish I had! Who know, in the back room of a cafe in Shepherds Bush!! :)
To follow was carrot cake, the birthday cake, absolutely luscious, which also had coconut in it, followed by some of the most gruesome killer chocolate cake, which I think had a lashing of alcohol
Apparently Duke Ellington music is part of the Torfeh (Bryans surname) tradition so a few people proceeded with some wild jive type dancing!
You get this with a group of actor/dancing types! LOL.
Possibly photos to follow!

Had a word with Bryan about my party next year, he reckons we can knock up some sort of good event/entertainment!! Will probably do a big party for charity, then maybe another with just friends! Time to think about it!

Dialysis today went surprisingly smoothly, it usually is without the manager & secretary there. Fairly boring tho, I didn't feel in the mood for reading or listening to music!

Roast chicken, applesauce, broccoli & carrots for supper today!. Luscious!