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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Not a lot, but some
Didn't seem to be able to get into doing anything much productive. Sort of started potting up a few plants. eBay is an option to sell but I might try advertising just in my road & the allotments once I get some stock grown, maybe 6 months. Maybe some home made Xmas wreaths, always goes down well, mum makes then each year, it's not that hard. One of the more traditional seasonal symbols. eBay has really got a bit pricey!
Did manage to mess up some of the posters. Seemed I had the wrong can of spray. I could swear I had some spray to cover inkjet prints. Will have to seek some tomorrow.
Didn't take long to print new prints, but for some reason am having problems getting them printed 4 to a page for the smaller one! The posters are for the conference this year, & to be honest I'm still pretty pleased at the design. Despite feeling rather pathetic about myself!
Did order some more cartridges from : Cartridge Save

Rather impressivly & a very useful link Cartridge Save have a recycling service for old cartriges: Recycle used ink cartridges

Watched a rather odd, old Star Trek type series, which I had to look up as I just hadn't seen it ever! The wonders of extra channels. Suitably tacky for an Sunday afternoon as a Sci Fi fan! Ya gotta love those cardboard sets
The series is called Space: 1999 & is produced by Gerry Anderson of Thunderbirds 'fame'
For some reason felt in need of a can of coke & biscuits. Not usually me!
Got the freeview box which my brother left as he now has another package. Fairly decent of him even if the reception is generally crap!

Lasagna for supper HMmmmm:) Since I saw Garfield 2 it seems to have entered the household! Still messing with my LJ setup. added a few more links. I'm semi happy with it. Not 100% yet, May also have to start a home dialysis blog. IF I get to that.

Anyway, your not going to comment anyway ARE YOU.. This is much too boring!

10:15 PM.. Just been to Tescos with mum to get a few things, Ned, our cat came for a walk half the way there, & half the way back! Amazing!

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people don't appreciate the everyday enough...its often the boring things that make us the happiest :)


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