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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Have I really done anything today - Shopping
Feel like I haven't done a lot today, but shopping seemed to take up most of the day.
Went to Wood Green Shopping city (why have they renamed it 'the Mall' , we're all gonna be wandering round saying I went to the Maal in Waard Green,) in search of some photographic 'fixing spray' you can use cheap hair fixer I believe if you check the ingredients!! It stops the dye on inkjet prints from running. I know most of my prints won't be exposed to water but laminate can make them look more glossy :) & professional.
I rather like the Dutch word for mall which is "winkelcentrum"

I digress, we stopped at BB's's an American style coffee & muffin franchise (I know what your thinking!)
Had a cappuccino & a giant white chocolate chip cookie, the first time I've been down there for a few weeks, picked up a few bits of stationary at one of the gift shops. Some very nice, HEAVY sketch pad card that should do fine in the inkjet, I think :)
Stopped by at the Faith Garden centre, it's a charitable garden centre, which we tend to stop by at now & then. Invested in some Calluna (a type of the heather family) of various colours. A full spectrum with 6 plants (not that small) for 95 pence each! I think you'd pay at least 3 pounds in most garden centres! They do need an acid soil so we need to treat them with a bit of extra care! What is good is the plants are
Dialysis followed by a clinic appointment tomorrow, hopefully I can cover some of the crap that's been hassling me the past months! Just have to print it out & grab a shower! LOOOong day tomorrow. God bless caffeine!
Home dialysis will be the main topic although I'm sure others will come up.
Remember to take Notepad & pen! & posters.