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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Odd dream well 2 actually.
I'm sort of inspired by Faye to scribble down these dreams, just for reference more than anything.

I had a very bizarre dream the other night & wish I'd hit it down sooner. Here are clips of it. For some reason I was with 2 old school friends, Jackson & ?? Tony maybe who I haven't heard of in over a year.

It was another driving dream & similar to one I've had before where I'm driving with the steering at the back of the car of vehicle, We seemed to be driving through an area that was familiar but strange, sort of like Highate, with private roads, we were, I think being chased.
We go down very green suburban roads with I think my friend driving, not really being able to see where the car is going. We pull over next to the a graveyard. very green street & trees to one edge & the green graveyard. It's mature, not that well mantained.
Then suddenly we are walking down a soft corridor, like you might find in a B&B or a hotel, we're still walking away from..???
I come into a room, & there's a person with a face like my dad, but it's not my dad. Someone else is in the room, another man I think

Don't know who. Somethings not right I say to the 'dad'

End of dream.

Dream 2 actually happened maybe a week before dream 1
Similar scenrio but a bit more vivid. Also driving.

I am driving, in a trailer van, on a route through hornsey to islington, which I know well enough, it seems to be hard to see, as though I'm driving from the back of the van. Maybe I go back or forwards. Then suddenly, as in a computer game I'm driving a motorbike!!! The same route, I come past the school that is one route, for some reason I've stopped in the playground. I see a kid with a toe trapped in a bicycle tyre, which has to be removed before the wheel is turned. I'm trying to point this out to the teacher..

A very very odd dream!

I'm sorta glad I'm seeing the counsellor on Friday!!