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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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2 things mainly dialysis
Feeling a little relaxed, nope haven't had a drink. Dialysis went smoothly enough except one of the nurses I think misinterpreted me saying I had an appointment at 2pm to "the patient wanted to do 2 hours only" which I didn't I was duly given a bit of paper which was got rid of & my machine was set to the 'correct' time! Phew. You really do have to have spiders eyes!

Went off to Whipps Cross, for my appointment at 2 o clock. Was just about to sit down & have some sandwiches which dad had got from Sainsbury's when he hauled me in. No waiting. All went smoothly. The main thing is to get me onto home haemo, although transplant was discussed. So hopefully I will get a visit from one of the dialysis tech's. I did say ASAP. There is the consideration of stopping the immune suppressive drugs & am on & watching to see what happens to the transplanted kidney. It could sit & do nothing, or reject, in which case it would have to be removed.
Gonna concentrate with the haemo first. Decisions, decisions! I do feel like the ball has been given a light shove. Counseling on Friday.
Stuck my head into the unit as we needed a new sharps box & said hello to a few of the other patients, including the infamous Mr Chowdry! & the staff. I really got the impression from M, one of the senior sisters that things were pretty critical there, with the wards full of dialysis patients, who then came to dialyse in the evening. So now sign of me getting back to Whipps at the moment anyway. It is a good unit as units go.

Sat & ate the sandwiches when we'd finished, & admired the borders around the unit. Spent a bit of time contributing to them, so was quite nice to see them again, needs a leetle more work/plants tho.