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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Curry & beer.. BAD idea
Curry & beer.. BAD idea.. Esp with poor kidney function..

Woke up feeling like I was in 7th hell.

Am paying for it today.. retained fluid.. really out of breath.. VERY tired (I didn't get to sleep till 1ish last night.. MUST try earlier tonight..)

That said..

Got up.. had a gentlish morning.. My kites arrived.. Interesting packaging but the kites were thankfully undamaged. Was thinking of doing some gardening stuff. I think I also overdid it with the moving pots & sawing yesterday. Achy today :( Bleagh.. I'll be over it in 24 to 48 I should think.. I should know better but never seem to learn..

Dragged myself out to test fly 2 of the kites.. the eagle & the ripstop one that I ordered.. OK I got a bit mad but its something I enjoy & so I might as well enjoy it.. :D :D

Came in.. had some soup & crashed.. I've not eaten much today.. bit of muesli & some soup.. & some biccies with tea.. Will make up for it at supper with a proper meal..

Slept for 2 hours then tootled awake and had a brew..

Then watched Dr Who at 7.. been online for a while..

Now supper.. Later peeps:D