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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Dialysis today, was, well I'll say no more than, productive, in a way.
I was a bit annoyed as I found out towards the end my pump speed was 50ml/min less than normal, only 300, I usually do 350. I didn't have the machine turned towards me which is why I wasn't aware of it. I usually turn up the speed myself. Oh well, no big deal! The nurses should have checked anyway!
*note to self, be sharp!*

Had a nice reasonably nice lunch, only sandwiches. Ham & cheese, mustard, a bit of gerkhin. Our bakers has handed out a leaflet about his source of flour. Local flour, from a local mill, the last in the London area!!, local bread, baked on the spot!. You can not beat that on the food miles! I feel good about things when I know that. It's just the way I am:)
Was rather surprised when Jake called, apparently he called this morning, LOL he knows what days I dialyse. Coryn turned up afterwards. He hasn't seen me since last year, when he came to visit me in hospital, so I think it was a rather positivity thing for him. Jake & Coryn are 2 of my closer friends!
He's also willing to help mum with the bee's next year, as he's used to dealing with them. At least mums got someone who knows whats what rather than reading it all from a book.
Gonna watch a bit of TV, then SNOOZE.. This music makes me wanna move, I LOVE internet radio! Maybe I should've been Jewish! Shalom.