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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Not bad, for a Wednesday - Productive
Not too bad, for a Wednesday.
Managed to get some of the flyers sprayed with laminate spray, it's not really glossy, but it gives a slight shine to otherwise normal inkjet prints & stops them running in the event of water. Not that these should get that but:) You never know who's going to drop their tea or something.
Also sorted out a few photos for the stand. Made sure they have my name on the back. I do want them back
Had a call from Lyn Webber, a Lib Dem councilor, in response to the letter my mum sent out. She seemed to be interested in the whole dialysis thing. Can you trust a politician, maybe not. Had a long chat explaining the circumstances & situation, not just mine, but the concern overall for others.

Sorry if that sounds too boastful, but I know there are other people in very similar situations to me, I see some of them 3 times a week, & communicate with others everyday. If I can make a small change to make things better, surely that must be good.
Mum was rather impressed with me on the way I handled things. I was nervous as hell, but tried to make sure I was speaking clearly, rather than waffling :)

One thing I did find out was that the National Service Framework for renal services that is the document that guidelines services for kidney patients in the UK, was launched in Haringey, my borough. Extra thing to stand on for getting local Haemodialysis.
If this is all too technical, go to sleep!!

The central heating isn't working I've got stand in radiator in my room, so I've had that on the past night & will have it on tonight! & we have 2 other stand alone heaters.

Valiant the company that makes the boiler have said they can send someone round, but in the meantime, overide it. We still don't get any heating! No until later this or next week! Dad's reluctant to fiddle with it as it's still under warranty.. Brrrr & Grrrrr
I get concerned about my parents & myself when this sort of thing happens.
Sometimes I'm glad we have a open fire in the living room. We don't use normal 'coal' but a processed 'coke' that burns longer & emits a lot less. It's not the greatest of things but it makes winter nicer when we get it. Of course it only gets used when it gets super chilly.

Yawn, I've had a blue jumper on all day.

Supper, a traditional Dutch dish with red cabbage & apples seasoned with bay & cloves.that tastes fantastic. This is served with beef & onions,
Had that with some rice, & then a small amount of yoghurt & honey to follow..
Superb! :D AND sumptuous. Great food for cool weather
Hmmmmm Yummy:D

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Keep up the good work with the campaigning Jim! Even getting the message across to 1 person can make all the difference :)

thanks to your mum too for the letter. Its sensible to keep badgering politicians about this issue, its of utmost importance.


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