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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Just a brief public update
End of what seems a long day, Dialysis this morning, Tho I got up late so arrived late, just as well as the machine I was supposed to go on broke down, so I was on the one next to it.
Because of that I was sat opposite David, one of the other patients. A long chat about the problems of dialysis. The good thing was we exchanged details at the end of the session.

I got a call at around 6ish on my mobile, which I missed so if anyone tried to call me:)!! Number withheld, very odd!

Had a brisk walk round the block before supper & I had a craving for salad at supper time (which was rice, chicken, broccoli) I guess this is a sign I need more salad (or I'm just weird)
Anyway, I had a load with some cottage cheese, & felt better for it.
The central heating seems to have been repaired properly this time. OR at least it' coming on when it gets colder.
Conference this weekend & I will be at the Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth, looks like a nice place, although the reviews are mixed. The CAMERA WILL BE PACKED :)
as well as the suit!

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Hi Jim

yeah, that was me. I was calling from work, which is why the number was withheld. I just wanted to finalize conference arrangments.

My smart clothes are packed too :)
Steve and I are arriving about 9.30 on Saturday, so see you then ;)


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