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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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The Conference Update
The Conference I went to, went well, a good turn out & it REALLY kept me busy, so I didn't get the chance to look at the stands, which I regret.
very easy to get to the hotel, as the majority is a straight drive up the motorway, took a bit over 2 hours including stopping for a snack at a service station Burger King! & we got there sometime after 10.
Booked in, unloaded our stuff & some stuff for the stand.
did a little setting up then decided more could be done in the morning.
Breakfast, the food, for hotel food wasn't bad.. It's a 4 star hotel, but I'd rate it 3 & a half is for food anyway. The staff were very friendly & helpful.
Come the morning I was panicking, although we'd been provided with a white sheet covered table, I didn't have enough stuff to put on it., luckily around 9:30 reinforcement arrived, with much more & soon the stand was in bloom! The closed bar that was behind us was covered in white sheet that we'd brought with us.

The speakers were very good, although more than 3 pages of slideshow statistics will bore anyone (the first rule of presentation) keep it short & simple!!
The theme of the conference was "positive thinking" , there was a topic on pain control which was fairly useful, but the absolute highlight conference was a
(read aloud) by a young kidney patient. Tears, I think, did flow for some.
I really wanted to go to the Workshops, but I had a council meeting, then 2 other meetings! such is the nature of the work!
One interesting addition was a dance version of palladio 1st movement allegreto (means a bit faster in music slang!!) , you've never heard of it, but you will have heard it. Look it up on iTunes if you want to know what the hell I'm on about. This was used as a theme to cue the intervals!

Said goodbyes & went home, also had a fairly smooth trip home. Today I've just been recovering from the fairly high energy weekend! Am looking forward to next year already! Dialysis tomorrow, I actually think all this rushing about has made my kidney tell me something, I need to get out more!

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Hi Jim,

yes, it was an excellent weekend, and I'm looking forward to next year too! Blackpool here we come :)


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