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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Bokashi, Wiggly Wigglers, dx
Not a lot to report, my other entries have been private. because they need to be.

The highlight of the day! Installing some Bokashi compost bins.(I know what your thinking, filthy beasts!! )
This is a old/modern technology that used special Effective Microrganisms, 'EM's to digest compost.
This is done in an airtight compost bin. Then left to 'ferment 'for 2 weeks, & then emptied & the resulting fine, highly biologically active substance, the 'Bokashi'.
Being airtight, it doesn't smell, (unless of course you open it to fill it) & even then it should only smell a little like vinegar.

Bokashi & bins are available from Wiggly Wigglers, see link.
I actually think their bins are a little pricey & once you have the bokashi to start with there IS a way to make your own, & I hope to obtain their instructions!!
The principle, is I guess, similar to having the right bacteria in your yoghurt, soil, & compost, needs the correct bacteria, & temperature, to work.

Also check out their excellent Wiggly Podcasts, beats the Archers:)

On the home dialysis front, I'm stressing, I know it's early days yet, but I need to have something to aim for.

Off for a walk!

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Bokashi is working out great for me here in Vancouver BC Canada. I just blogged about it at: http://supercitizenshowcase.blogspot.com/

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