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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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What I like (& don't like ) about eCards
Was thinking about eCards, will they put the postal system out of bussiness, well, not really, but at the prices our PO in the UK charge eCards are here to stay.

I use 123greetings.com, which does have some great cards, & some cheesy ones.
What it does have is the most IRRITATING virus scan pop up the tries to scan your computer, or claims to. Then downloads an EXE file to your PC.
Luckily I've blocked at least that using Firefox.

Interested to know, what other eCards do you use? Tatty Teddys? something alternative ??

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I prefer using www.hallmark.com ecards. The sender has to "register" but the receiver is able to view it without hassle. Plus, they are really nice cards.

123greetings.com is great .. but someone on my flist got me onto Hoops & Yoyo. It's part of Hallmark, and the cards are brilliant :)

Oh, and what I love about eCards is that they are guaranteed to get there. Unlike the lovely British Postal Service :p

True, I've only known 1 to go missing so far!!
Thanks for the suggestions, shall check em out. If they're not free, I will have to kill you :)
Have a nice day.

If they're not free, I will have to kill you

EEEK! Good job they are then ;)

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