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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Swimming & sparkly trees, MacExpo
Odd feelings, relaxed yet, weary, happy yet sad, & slightly confused!
Bit of a mix up really

Decided this morning to go swimming with dad, all went fairly well, the main cool is icy & nutters doing fast lengths. As I hadn't been swimming for years, & I don't swim that well, I was able to go into the low level pool (alright, the kiddies pool, you don't want me drowning) actually it's only near a metre deepest but it IS still possible to swim, which, at the moment is really what I needed. It's also WARM :D so did a few lengths, well as much as I could. VERY relaxed afterwards & a bit of an appetite, so had beans on toast.

Not a lot during the day, emails etc. Then went off to homebase with parents to get some specific xmas decs, Small crystals trees, MAYBE a little cheesy but give rather a rainbow in good light! :) As they are basically small crystals attached to a model tree. Decided silver was best:) Also got a couple of glass spirals.. I have thing about spirals, there such a symbol of life & energy.

Off to MacExpo on Friday, & I'm so glad I was one of the first 1000 to register for entry, as it means my & my parents pass to get in is FREE! Save's £12 a head! Which HAS to be a good thing.